Release stress, increase flexibility, and tone your entire body with Fit Pilates.

During our Fit Pilates classes, an instructor will lead you through a series of physical conditioning poses designed to sculpt and strengthen your core. These low-impact exercises and stretches will build strength, flexibility, and lean muscle tone with an emphasis on lengthening your body and aligning your spine, rather than on bulking up your muscles.

At Fit Factory, our Pilates classes are 100% mat-based, which means you’ll complete the workout on floor mats instead of using bulky equipment. Your instructor will demonstrate each exercise and also be available for hands-on adjustments and assists. Our focus is always on healthy form—finding the right position in your own body is so important!

Pilates uses correct alignment, concentration, breath work, and flowing movement to strengthen and detox the body. You can expect overall slimming, greatly improved flexibility, and increased mobility, even after just a few classes. Best of all, you’ll leave each class with increased energy levels and a clear mind.