Testimonial by Member Caroline Cunningham
Caroline Cunningham / Braintree
Fit Factory Member Since 2014
"Before joining Fit Factory, I used to dread going to the gym. The typical hour workout would consist of some cardio and maybe a few weight machines. I would leave feeling underwhelmed and not challenged. Once I joined this club, that attitude changed. I was finally excited to go to the gym and looked forward to attending the different classes that were offered. The Group Fit schedule is accommodating and there is always a class to attend, whether it's early morning or after work. From Zumba, to Total Body, and even Spin, there are options for everyone. The instructors are a huge part of the Fit Factory community and they make the gym an enjoyable place to be. They are enthusiastic, positive and want the best for each one of their students. There is no better place than Fit Factory!"
Testimonial by Member Kristin Masciarelli
Kristin Masciarelli / Braintree
Fit Factory Member Since 2015
"A recent study done by Loud Rumor showed that 95% of fitness studio members say the instructor is a crucial element that keeps them coming back.  Fit Factory's instructors are extremely talented and inspirational.  The teachers at fit factory encourage me to work hard toward my fitness goals.  I truly love the classes that Fit Factory offers and actually want to return each week."
Testimonial by Member Loula Varsamis
Loula Varsamis / Braintree
Fit Factory Member Since 2015
"Having been a member of Fit Factory for almost 2 years now, I've watched the evolution of the facility and it's amazing team. All the employees, trainers, and coaches truly do work relentlessly to provide the best experience for their members. When I first started as a personal training client I knew very little and had even less motivation, but working out and being active has become a lifestyle thanks to the supportive atmosphere Fit Factory provides. My day doesn't seem right if I haven't stepped foot into Fit Factory to either get in a lift or have an active rest day. Lifting is always my favorite part of the day."
Testimonial by Member Laura Kenney
Laura Kenney / Braintree
Fit Factory Member Since 2016
Laura Kenney started personal training at Fit Factory Braintree back in December. She came in with one goal: toning up for bikini season! Laura has been meeting with Luke twice per week and makes it in for her own workouts 2-3 times each week! This really shows her dedication and commitment to attaining her goals. When meeting with Luke, Laura absolutely crushes high intensity circuits.

She has improved her cardio and consistently has added weight to her lifting in only a short, 3 months of training! Laura is currently dedicated to strengthening her core and shredding her abs to show off this summer. Laura has made so many leaps and bounds in her fitness journey with us! We couldn’t be happier seeing her hard work pay off.
Testimonial by Member Janessa
Janessa / Braintree
Fit Factory Member Since 2016
"I've been a member of several gyms over the past few years, and I can honestly say that Fit Factory is one of the best around. Regardless of how my day goes, I always leave with a smile after visiting. There is a variety of equipment, as well as different spaces to use, which encourage me to vary what I do when I work out. The staff is incredibly friendly and down-to-earth. My trainer Matt is amazingly knowledgeable and professional. His upbeat personality and hilarious conversations really help me to forget that I'm working out (except for ab stuff.. there's no real distraction from that.) Overall, I couldn't be happier with my decision to join."
Testimonial by Member Betsy Demartini
Betsy Demartini / Braintree
Fit Factory Member Since 2016
"Why did I join CrossFit? I wanted to get back in shape and lose the baby weight after I had our daughter, Ella, in August. Before I got pregnant, I was really into yoga, barre, and cycling, but I needed a change and something new in my fitness routine! My husband Steve had joined earlier that year and I have a bunch of friends and family who love CrossFit, so I figured I'd at least give it a shot. I was definitely hesitant at first, but I trained 1-on-1 with Taylor for 2 months and have been doing classes for the last 4 months. I haven't looked back - I have totally become a believer! I look forward to coming to class and learning something new each time I come. I especially love the Saturday partner work-outs; everyone is so supportive of each other! I am amazed of how far I've come, and am really excited to see where CrossFit will take me next."
Testimonial by Member Janet Van
Janet Van / Braintree
Fit Factory Member Since 2016
"Prior to joining Fit Factory, having the motivation to go to the gym had been a struggle for me at times. However, thanks to Kelsey, the Group Fit Coordinator (and the best instructor ever!), the most difficult decision for me is deciding which of the 7 days in the week would be my rest day. She has provided members with a variety of group classes but more importantly, great instructors (thank you to the dozen or so that I see weekly) to teach them, including those for Cycle. In addition to all the class options at Fit Factory, Kelsey frequently provides members with the opportunity for feedback on new workouts to be added or not added.

Although group classes are my favorite aspect of the gym, I have also enjoyed/continue to enjoy the experience of personal training with my trainer, Joe. He has helped fill in the gaps that I may otherwise have missed from classes to become stronger and more fit. I have never belonged to a gym where the staff, instructors, trainers, and members, many with whom I have developed friendships, have made my visits something that I truly look forward to each day."
Testimonial by Member "Hurricane" Sue MacDonald
"Hurricane" Sue MacDonald / Braintree
Fit Factory Member Since 2016
"I love it. It's changed my life! I watch these girls lift and do CrossFit on YouTube all day long, that's all I do.. I'm obsessed.."