F.I.I.T. is specialty group of classes led by Fit Factory coaches, designed for all fitness levels and provide a variety of formats. These small grops provide hands-on coaching and motivation.

F.F.I.T. classes provide a complete workout regimen so you never have to think, just get FIT!

Quick FIT

Quick 30 minutes of high energy cardio workout using functional body-weight and light loads.

FIT Functional

This class focuses on improving strength as well as combining elements of cardio in a circuit style workout.

FIT Fundementals

This class is an introduction to CrossFit. Focusing on the basic fundementals. You will learn each exercise from the ground up at your own pace.


The best workout you will ever have! This class focuses on Functional, everyday movements combined with Strength, Cardio, Balance, & More. This workout constantly varied and high intensity.

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