Diana Ravensbergen

Diana grew up a competitive gymnast, with a club until she was 14 and finished her career competing for her high school team all four years. In her Junior and Senior years, Diana would step in to help coach and train the girls on the team during practice or during her organized captain's practices. Retiring from gymnastics left Diana with a need to find new ways to stay in shape. A friend of hers introduced her to weight lifting, and from there Diana researched and created workouts for herself and later for friends throughout college.

Diana's interest in fitness led her to intern and later get a full time job with Reebok, which is where she was exposed to CrossFit for the first time. She fell in love with the community aspect but was also equally impressed with the physical shape she was in thanks to CrossFit. After a year, Diana decided to get her CrossFit L1 Trainer certificate and pursue coaching. Her gymnastics coaching background comes in handy with teaching body awareness and proper form and technique.

Diana isn't restricted to CrossFit as her main source of fitness. She has been taking spin classes for 10 years and is a certified spin instructor at Fit Factory. She enjoys running and has completed multiple 5ks, a 10k, and a half marathon. During the winters she snowboards and during the nicer months she enjoys hiking.

If the WOD involved handstands be it walking or push-ups, Diana will be there. If the WOD involves something she hates, she'll be there too. She's a strong believer that you should especially show up for WODs you hate because it's the only way you can eventually get good at those skills. Diana is attracted to teaching because her friends have always come to her for fitness and health advice, and coaching has opened her opportunities to learn and share new knowledge. She loves the scalability aspect of CrossFit, and is excited to coach people of all ages and backgrounds.

Undergraduate: Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration, Marketing Concentration


  • CrossFit L1 Certification
  • Certified Spinning® Instructor