Butt Gut Blast


Reshape your body in this high-energy, low-intensity class, perfect for all fitness levels.

In this strength conditioning class, you’ll burn fat, tone your abs, and reshape your booty with a variety of exercises that will have every muscle in your body burning. From squats and steps, to crunches and curls, you won’t stop moving from beginning to end. This class is the perfect way to take your fitness to the next level...no matter where you’re at right now.
Our instructor will lead you through a series of exercises designed to target your trouble areas and build lean muscle. We’ll structure each class around new sequences performed on barbells, dumbbells, steps, gliding discs, and more. This variety will keep you engaged (read: no more boredom) while also consistently challenging your body and forcing it to adapt (read: you’ll see results in no time). By the end of each class, your glutes will be burning and your abs will be screaming.

Join us for your next strength training session, and get some extra accountability and encouragement. No more lifting weights alone.