Ethan Riddick

Ethan grew up playing soccer since the age of 3 and into college becoming and intense and skillful player. When he was 15 Ethan spent the summer in Sweden and Denmark playing in a youth national tournament which their team was knocked out of the quarterfinals to Brasil in penalty kicks. Ethan studied Martial and Mixed Martial Arts for 11 years since the age of 4. He competed in numerous tournaments for skill and sparing winning accolades in the process. Ethan was also a varsity track athlete all four years of high school with multiple state titles. Ethan gave up Martial arts to focus on my soccer career that fell short due to injury. Whether it be Mixed Martial Arts, Track, or Soccer, Ethan's competitiveness ultimately wound him up focusing entirely on bodybuilding and then eventually into CrossFit. After spending the last 2 years intensely focusing on his craft as an athlete and coach, Ethan wants to build a foundation of experience and knowledge of working with all types of athletes.


  • CrossFit L1 Certification